Submetering Services in Berkeley, CA

Submeter Solutions provides comprehensive utility cost recovery programs for multi-unit properties. This includes electric, gas and water. We can deliver a full solution including system design, equipment, installation and billing services. At every stage of the process we deliver unsurpassed customer service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

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901 Gilman - Berkeley, CA



Key Project Goals

General contractor John Morrison, Inc was brought on to the 6-unit, large-scale commercial property 901 Gilman in Berkeley, CA to submeter water, electric and gas.

Property management hoped to bill his tenants based off of their entire usage of water, gas and electricity, while taking into consideration the electric utility’s implementation of peak and off-peak electrical rates.

John Morrison, Inc and the 901 Gilman management team approached Submeter Solution to find a metering system solution that included the complex process of billing tenants for peak and off-peak demand, all while navigating the narrow path of California submetering.



Scope of Project

Submeter Solutions joined John Morrison, Inc’s project in summer of 2017 to provide both equipment and ongoing monitoring and billing services to property management.

We began by recommending the high-tech Acquisuite EMB to handle the chief meter reading, accompanied by Submeter Solutions’ proprietary remote reading system NoWire to work in tandem to wirelessly collect and monitor reads for water, gas and electric meters.

Submeter Solutions also chose Dent’s PowerScout multiple meter unit for its capabilities to capture sophisticated information from each tenant’s electrical line, including peak and off-peak usages.

Submeter Solutions then commissioned the project and continues to provide its advanced monitoring and billing services to 901 Gilman.