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Water Meters

Water submetering has become incredibly popular over the last few years. The reason is that it allows the owner or manager of a multi-unit property to accurately bill each tenant for their own individual water and sewer usage. Previously, the cost had to be divided equally between all existing tenants. This practice is often extremely unfair and inaccurate considering the discrepancies that exist in water usage from tenant to tenant.

The submeter process comprises developing a system that includes the appropriate type of water meters for your application and typically a wired or wireless Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system that matches the specific needs of the property owner/manager. Find out more about how it works here.  



Another advantage is the fact that electricity submetering can be implemented when it comes to many different multi-unit applications, including:

  • Property values will increase.
  • Seeing this data will encourage the tenants to pay more attention to conservation and reduce overall water usage;
  • A multi-unit property that is individually water metered makes it possible for you to provide all tenants with accurate data regarding their individual water usage;
  • This will reduce water and sewer utility costs


How can Submeter Solutions help you?

Submeter Solutions has experience with all these building types. We will consult with you to deliver a water metering system that offers the best value for your specific project. Learn about our Submetering Applications here.

After your water meters and AMR system are installed, Submeter Solutions can provide monthly Utility Billing Services for your property:

  • Meter consumption will be remotely monitored;
  • Individual bills will be calculated and prepared for each tenant;
  • Bills will be mailed or emailed each month;
  • Summary reports are provided to the property owner/manager.


Water Meter Details

Submeter Solutions sells a wide variety of water meters to fit many applications. It’s important to select the correct meter type for your specific requirements.  

Water meters available:

  • Cold and hot water meters;
  • Compact size polymer meters ideal for multi-family markets;
  • Bronze meters suitable for outdoor meter pit installations;
  • Multi-jet, positive displacement or turbine style meter types;
  • All meters are equipped with electronic output for automated meter reading equipment;
  • From ¾” sizes for residential and up to 10” commercial/industrial applications.


Need a little help? 

Water meters vary in cost depending on size, type and specific features. Cold water meters, for example, can range in price from as low as $62. Our hot water meters, on the other hand, are priced as low as $82 each. While the functions and benefits of each meter will often vary, you can rest assured that whichever one you choose, you will get the best possible value for your money.

Each meter listed on our web store links to an individual page for that model with pictures, descriptions, specifications, and the price. This enables you to find a water meter that fits in perfectly with your individual needs, preferences and unique budget constraints. You can effortlessly order our products online. Alternatively, call our office if you have any questions about finding the “best fit” meter for your submetering project. Contact us here.