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Billing Services

Utility Billing Services

Submeter Solutions offers a full suite of Utility Billing Services that can be individually customized for your specific account.  Whether you just want us to just provide you with a report each month of the meter readings so you can perform in house billing services, our you would like us to calculate utility tariffs, mail a bill and even collect payments, we have a service plan that fits your needs.   

We offer billing services to properties with submetering systems that can be read remotely – even if we didn’t install it.  Want to just use a ratio based billing methodology (RUBS)?  No problem – we can provide all of our billing services to RUB S properties too.

Meter Reading Service

We will remotely monitor the submetering system and download the specific meter readings each month from the property’s meter reading system.   The daily meter readings will then be stored on our servers for at least 3 years. 

Tenant Utility Bills

Each month a utility bill will be prepared, printed and mailed or emailed to each resident.   The utility bill will be customized for the property.  Each bill will contain a brief description of how each utility is calculated.   The utility bill will be printed on perforated paper with a section to be separated as a payment coupon. 

The utility bills will also contain information on how the tenant may choose to create a web-based account with a password where they can view their bill online.   Residents may choose to have their monthly utility bill emailed instead of, or in addition to receiving it in US Mail.

Utility Rate Calculations

Using either the actual property utility bills provided to us or the published utility rates, along with the meter readings, we will calculate the detailed utility tariffs for each resident using our customized billing software.   All specific charges and fixed fees will also be allocated accordingly to each resident. 

Past Due Amounts

As an additional option available for most properties, the utility bill can also include any past due balances and late fee assessments.   If this option is selected, than management will provide an Excel based file each month that contains the past due and late fee amounts.  This file will be uploaded into our billing software and the data displayed on the resident’s bill. 

Payment Remittance/Collections

Submeter Solutions also offers full payment remittance/collections services.  Residents will remit their utility payments to Submeter Solutions each month.  Received payments will be administered and forwarded to the property management each month, less applicable fees. 

Management Reports

Our services also include preparing and providing the following reports to management each month:

  • Billing Draft Report – Will be sent prior sending out the utility bills.
  • Billing Locked – Detail of all individual utility bills in one pdf report.
  • Billing Brief – A report showing each resident’s billing charges on a single line. This report can be provided in .csv format for upload into client’s software.
  • Compliance Report – A report detailing each resident’s metered usage and all utility charges.