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Seattle, WA PCC Community Markets

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Project Goals

PCC Community’s uses one main utility water meter, electric meter and natural gas meter supply the utilities to the building. The customer wanted to track water, gas & electric to each part of the building. The request was for a remotely accessible, wireless sub-metering system to meter the water, gas & electric usage for each part of the building which included departments, sinks, furnaces, lights and more.


Submeter Solutions has provided metering systems at a total of four PCC stores.   Customer requested electric meters that can monitor and record hourly usage and hourly reads for gas and water meters.   Submeter Solutions provided a metering solution that combined feature rich Dent Powerscout electric meters, water and gas meters sized uniquely for each meter point and an Obvius AcquiSuite data logger to collect data and upload to a web server.   Water and gas meters were monitored wirelessly with a compatible NoWire wireless reading system.   The customer is able to view and monitor different department utility usage to better manage store resources.