Submeter Solutions Inc. - Tacoma


Save Money and Keep Tenants in Tacoma Happy with Submetering

Landlords in Tacoma can keep their rent prices stable and attract more tenants by installing a submetered utility system. At Submeter Solutions, we’ve helped countless landlords in the area set up a high-quality, accurate submeter system in their properties.


Types of Products We Offer

We know that every property has a different set of needs when it comes to utilities. That’s why at Submeter Solutions, we are proud to provide products for just about every utility scenario.

  • Gas Meter
  • Properties that use natural gas can help reduce their utility costs by installing our proven gas meters. Instead of splitting the monthly gas costs between each tenant, you can bill each occupant for the amount of gas they personally use.
  • Electric Meter
  • Electricity costs vary greatly throughout the year, with usage rates at an all-time high during the summer and winter months. Electric submetering means everyone pays their fair share. This also encourages tenants to use less electricity, since they are ultimately responsible for paying for their own usage.
  • Water Meter
  • In the past, many landlords in Tacoma would increase rent prices to cover water usage. Water submetering, however, will allow you to keep your prices lower. Since tenants know upfront that they are responsible for their water bill, they are more likely to use this natural resource sparingly.
  • NoWire Wireless Submetering 
  • At Submeter Solutions, we are proud to offer the NoWire wireless submetering. This system is valuable for both small and medium-sized properties. The NoWire system even reduces installation costs since it doesn’t require costly electrical wiring. NoWire can be used to read gas, electric and water readings for each unit.


Properties Benefitting from Submetering

Multi-unit complexes in Tacoma, both big and small, can greatly benefit from the submetering products we offer at Submeter Solutions. It doesn’t matter whether your property has 60 units or 600, we have products that will suit you.

  • Apartments
  • At Submeter Solutions, we’ve teamed up with countless apartment complexes in the area. Our gas, electric and water submeters are very popular with landlords who own both new and existing properties. In fact, at one of our projects, we’ve installed over 2000 submeters.
  • Mobile Home Parks 
  • Without submeters, most mobile home parks roll utility usage into their rents. However, this doesn’t encourage renters to conserve their energy and water usage. Sometimes the landlord may even end up owing more than was anticipated. At Submeter Solutions, we’ve installed submeters in many mobile home parks, thus helping to encourage energy conservation and enabling park owners to offer more competitive rental rates.
  • Micro-Housing 
  • Most tenants who are looking into micro-housing want to save money. With submeters, landlords don’t have to worry about utility prices when determining appropriate rental rates. Tenants also have the ability to save even more money by managing their utility usage. There, it’s a win-win for both parties.


If you’re a landlord in Tacoma, we would love to speak with you more about our submetering products. By installing submeters, you will be able to control rent prices, save tenants money, and keep utility costs fair for all tenants. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes, so we know that you’ll be able to find a submetering package that works for your property.