System Equipment & Design

Company Culture

Submeter Solutions takes pride in our technical expertise with utility metering equipment and remote reading systems.   Our staff is trained through our internal “Meter University” and we continually evaluate the latest trends in our industry.   We sell many products from different manufacturers so that we have the flexibility to design and supply a system that fits the specifics of your project – at a price that provides our customers with value for their investment. 


Every property is unique. Therefore we  specifically tailor our systems to best fit the specific details of the property layout, utility mechanical/electrical systems, and reading and billing service options based on your requests. And we are flexible – we’ll make sure that we deliver the systems and services that work for best you and your budget.

Return on Investment

Utility tariffs continue to rise year over year. An installed submetering system will allow you to recover these costs from residents. In addition, the system will also encourage residents to conserve their utility usage and quickly report expensive leaks. Although installing an effective submetering system requires an initial investment in equipment and installation, we'll provide you with your expected Return on Investment (ROI) measured in months on our written proposals.

Metering EquipmentMetering Equipment

Submeter Solutions is a distributor for a number of utility meter and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system manufacturers. We  carefully select equipment that is known for high quality and that meets all accuracy and regulatory requirements.  Visit our online estore under the SHOP menu to find our comprehensive list of submetering equipment. 

Smart Proposal

Contact us with the details of your property and we'll send you a written proposal created specifically for your project.  The proposal will include an itemized list of the equipment required as well as our installation and commissioning services.  Also included are your monthly utility billing service options.