Small Properties

Too often we hear the misconception that submetering is only for larger multi-family properties.  But properties as small as a duplex can take full advantage of the benefits of submetering.   Today, feature packed wireless meter reading systems that are affordable and easy to install are available for small properties.   

NoWire Wireless SubmeteringNoWire ™ Wireless Submetering

Submeter Solutions’ NoWire wireless meter reading system wirelessly records and displays meter readings for small to medium sized properties.  Industry proven wireless technology by Inovonics™ eliminates the need for long and costly wiring installation to meters.  NoWire™ provides onsite meter reading via the front panel LCD display and, with a CellConnect cell modem or WebConnect Ethernet or Wifi modem option, daily readings via the internet.

Wireless Transmitters

Up to 32 wireless transmitters can be read by NoWire™.   To read water, electric or gas meters the meter pulse output is attached to a pulse transmitter.  Temperature, humidity, and analog input transmitters are also available.  No FCC license is required for these battery operated transmitters. 

Easy Installation

To install at NoWire™ system, simply connect the meter pulse wires to the Inovonics transmitters.  After connecting power to the NoWire™ main receiver unit, walk through a series of step-by-step menus to identify meters with meaningful names and their units of measure.  The information for each meter is then scrolled through on the display and available for remote access via Modbus protocol, cellular or Ethernet connection. 

MeterData serviceMeterData

NoWire™ paired with a CellConnect cellular modem or WebConnect Ethernet modem provides daily meter readings on the internet using our MeterData™ service.  Simple to use, MeterData™ provides actual meter readings for any date range and calculates consumption accordingly.   Reports and graphs showing daily usage per meter are available with just one click.  All data can be exported into a .csv file for easy import into other software. 

To view a DEMO of MeterData - click HERE and use Username: demo and Password: demo


When a property installs a NoWire™ with CellConnect or WebConnect for remote reading, ResidentBill™ monthly utility billing services are also available.  Our simplified setup process for ResidentBill™ utility billing accounts make it fast and affordable to start billing residents for their utility usage.