Service Levels

Monthly Meter Reading and Billing ServicesMonthly Meter Reading and Billing Services

Submeter Solutions offers a full suite of monthly meter monitoring/reading and utility billing services. We now also offer full payments collections services in addition to our billing services. We can provide you with the service that best fits your desired level of management control . Our meter reading and billing service fees are priced per tenant (minimum monthly charges may apply) and may be added to the monthly utility bill.

Level 1 – Meter Reading Only. For clients that just require detailed meter readings from their installed metering system.  A monthly report will be emailed that contains the meter data for each unit.  

Level 2 – Meter Reading and Utility Bill Calculation. A monthly report will be emailed that includes the meter data and a calculation of the utility bill costs.

Level 3 – Complete Reading and Billing Service. Submeter Solutions will prepare an individual utility bill for each resident and will send bill via mail. (Use level 4 or 5 for Seattle city limits).

Level 4 – Complete Reading and Billing Service with Past Due Balance Carry Forward. Management will provide monthly spreadsheet containing past due balances to be included on the utility bills.

Level 5 – All services above plus full collections services. Residents will remit their money directly to Submeter Solutions.  Client will receive monthly payment from Submeter Solutions along with detailed reports providing residents account status.