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Increase Revenues and Retain Tenants with Submetering in Seattle

The housing market in Seattle, WA is highly competitive, especially amongst multi-unit rental properties. In order to entice and retain tenants, landlords need to do whatever it takes to keep their rental prices low, without losing revenue. At Submeter Solutions Inc, we know the importance and value of using a submeter utility system in multi-unit complexes of all sizes.


Understanding Submetering

Many older multi-unit rental properties across the area receive a single utility bill for all of their units. In order to pay this bill, the landlord can choose to divide it equally among all tenants or raise rent prices to cover the cost of utilities. Neither of these options is ideal for the landlord or the tenants.

A submeter system, on the other hand, measures the utility usage for each individual unit. Every tenant is responsible for their own bill, which encourages energy conservation and keeps rent prices low.


Our Submeter Products

At Submeter Solutions Inc, we offer submeter systems for gas, electric and water meters. Our submeters can be installed at any multi-unit property, no matter the size.

  • Gas Meters 

If your property relies on natural gas for heat or water, our gas submetering is the best option. We will install meters for every unit, which accurately measure the amount of gas used by each tenant. As a landlord, you won’t need to raise rent prices to cover the cost of gas.

  • Electric Meters

Electricity is often one of the highest utility bills. Our electric submetering services are very accurate, and each tenant is responsible for paying for their own energy usage. Tenants appreciate electric submetering because they can control their bill by conserving the amount of electricity they use each month.

  • Water Meters

Many rental properties cover water prices in their rental rates. However, this is not always accurate. It’s also not fair to tenants who are careful about how much water they use. By installing a water submetering system, you’ll be able to keep your units competitively priced. Tenants are also likely to use less of this precious resource.


Is Submetering Right for Your Property?

If you own a multi-unit property, installing submeters is one of the best decisions you can make. Our meters are appropriate for almost all types of rental properties, including: 

  • Apartments
  • Condos/Townhouses
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Micro Housing Complexes
  • Office Buildings


In the past, many people felt that submetering was only valuable for large properties with many units. However, at Submeter Solutions Inc, we have submetering options for both large and small rental properties.


If you own a small or medium-sized property, be sure to look into our NoWire Wireless Submetering system. The benefits of the NoWire reading system include: 

  • Affordable Installation
  • Easy Setup
  • Convenient Access to Accounts
  • Individual Bills


If you want to own a successful multi-unit property in Seattle, WA, it’s time to look into submetering. By working with us at Submeter Solutions Inc, we will be able to install a cost-efficient and accurate submetering system in no time at all. Submetering is the best way to keep your rent prices competitive, while keeping your tenants happy at the same time.