Project Profiles

Submeter Solutions has sold and installed submetering systems across the country.  Click on the pictures below to download the project details for a sampling of the properties we've submetered.


Royalwood Mobile Home Park - Lynnwood, WA

91 unit manufactured housing community built in early 60's.  Installed water meters under homes with wireless reading system.

Project Goals
Royalwood Mobile Estates in Lynnwood, WA was built in the early 60’s and is an upscale community for 55 and older residents. The owners were going concerned about ever rising water and sewer costs and particularly leaking plumbing throughout the property. Installing a new water submetering system would allow the park management to recover the water and sewer fees from each resident based on actual usage. The metering system would also provide the maintenance staff at the property the data and visibility to find and fix leaks. READ MORE...


Collins On Pine - Seattle, WA

76 unit new construction apartment with water meter and gas meter and wireless submetering system.

Project Goals
One main utility water meter and natural gas meter supply the utilities to the building. The customer wanted to bill back the water, sewer, and gas utility costs to each tenant based on how much they individually consume. The request was for a remotely accessible, wireless sub-metering system to meter the water and gas usage for each apartment and first floor retail spaces. READ MORE...


Kukuna - Kapolei, HI

76 unit water submetering system for new construction single family community.

Project Goals
One main utility water meter supplies water to the community. Customer wanted to recover the water and sewer utility costs used by each resident as well as how much is used for irrigation for sewer deduct. The request was for a remotely accessible, wireless sub-metering system to meter the water usage at each home and 3 irrigation lines for the new Kukuna at Mehana Housing Community. READ MORE...


Blue Heron Condos - Seattle, WA

Replacement of failing wireless reading system with new NoWire wireless reading system.

Project Goals
Replace an existing, old, failing sub-metering system with a new, state of the art, remotely accessible wireless metering system. The customer wanted to utilize their existing water sub-meters currently connected to the old system with one that is high quality, will last for many years, and is easy to use. The property has 30 owner units and retail spaces. READ MORE...



901 Gilman - Berkeley, CA

Project Goals
General contractor John Morrison, Inc was brought on to the 6-unit, large-scale commercial property 901 Gilman in Berkeley, CA to submeter water, electric and gas. Property management hoped to bill his tenants based off of their entire usage of water, gas and electricity, while taking into consideration the electric utility’s implementation of peak and off-peak electrical rates. READ MORE...



Martel Manor - Port Orchard, WA

Project Goals
Martel Manor is a pre-existing 63-unit mobile home park in Port Orchard , WA built in the 1960s and managed by Shelter Property Management. Shelter found the mobile homes were working off an outdated submetering system, with over a dozen faulty water meters. The older system made it impossible for property management to access the daily meter reads themselves or do billing in-house. READ MORE...


Othello Plaza - Seattle, WA

Project Goals
Mercy Housing’s Othello Plaza is a new-construction, 217-unit affordable housing community in the heart of Seattle’s Othello neighborhood. While many see the primary goal of submetering as the ability to bill tenants for their utility usage, Mercy Housing saw an opportunity to utilize submeters for their leak detection and water conservation capabilities. READ MORE...



Division Center - Portland, OR

Project Goals
ROIC’s Division Center is an outdoor retail plaza anchored by two large grocery stores in Portland, Oregon. Given the high electricity use across the center, Marks Adams Electric was called in to provide a billing solution so that tenants could be billed for their individual usage. READ MORE...



Lakeway Mobile Estates - Bellingham, WA

Lakeway Mobile Estates is a 55+ community located in Bellingham, WA that is managed by Inspire Communities. The community has 218 homes and is located one mile from the ocean and 20 miles from the mountains and Canadian border.

Project Goals
Lakeway contacted Submeter Solutions late in 2016 requesting a proposal for a water submetering system that would allow the property to directly bill residents for water and sewer based on their actual water usage. READ MORE...