Submetering Services in Port Orchard, WA

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Martel Manor - Port Orchard, WA



Key Project Goals

Martel Manor is a pre-existing 63-unit mobile home park in Port Orchard , WA built in the 1960s and managed by Shelter Property Management. Shelter found the mobile homes were working off an outdated submetering system, with over a dozen faulty water meters. The older system made it impossible for property management to access the daily meter reads themselves or do billing in-house.

Shelter Property Management looked to update their park and bring it into this decade by replacing all non-functional meters and bringing in a modern, easy-to-read remote reading system that they themselves would have access to.

Shelter Property Management aspired to attain a level of convenience with their new system to enable them to bill their residents’ water in-house.


Scope of Project

Submeter Solutions hopped on to modernize this 50-year-old park in the summer of 2016, starting with the replacement of the 13 broken meters. We then were able to utilize the 50 pre-existing, functioning meters at Martel Manor to integrate a new remote reading system and to ensure the most cost-effective solution.

Submeter Solutions selected a Cereniti Gateway as the remote reading system for its extended range and convenient, easy-to-read nature with the bonus of on-board leak detection. We then trained Martel Manor’s onsite staff to install transmitters at each meter point.

After fully training staff and installing the Gateway, Submeter Solutions commissioned the system and made sure everything was in place for Shelter Property Management to bill its tenants for its accurate water use.