Othello Plaza - Seattle, WA


Key Project Goals

Mercy Housing’s Othello Plaza is a new-construction, 217-unit affordable housing community in the heart of Seattle’s Othello neighborhood.

While many see the primary goal of submetering as the ability to bill tenants for their utility usage, Mercy Housing saw an opportunity to utilize submeters for their leak detection and water conservation capabilities.

Mercy Housing’s chief goal was to conveniently access tenants’ water usage in-house and use that data to incentivize water conservation in tenants. Mercy Housing looked to implement the system at Othello Plaza as part of a long-term water conservation initiative and use its success as a benchmark for its other properties.


Scope of Project

Submeter Solutions saw Mercy Housing’s goals with Othello Plaza as an opportunity to provide a user-friendly, easy-to-read wireless submetering system optimized to the specific needs of the complex.

Submeter Solutions selected a Next Century remote reading system for its sleek user interface to allow Mercy Housing to easily collect its tenants’ usage. We worked closely with Mercy Housing as well as plumbing subcontractors and general contractors to install the gateway and meters before fully commissioning the system.

After the success of the submetering system and incentive program at Othello Plaza, Mercy Housing will continue on to implement the same Next Century-based system at its new constructions across Seattle.