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Are you ready to take control of your energy consumption and save money? Revolutionize your energy management with our cutting-edge submetering hardware and software, empowering you to bill each individual tenant’s energy usage in 5 minutes, not 5 hours. Elevate your tenant’s experience while gaining unparalleled insights into the consumption patterns of each property.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Submeter Solutions has been awesome. I was missing some critical meter data. They were able to find the missing data and sent it to me. Great after sale tech support.

Rod McClaskeySmall Property Owner

A great experience with this company. Easy install, great help, and user interface for meter reading is wonderful.

Tom RademacherLarge Property Owner

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How It

Submetering is the process of transferring the responsibility and associated costs for utility usage to individual residents in multi-unit properties. Although submetering ideally utilizes an installed metering system, allocation-based processes such as Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) can also be applied.

Our Process


Step 1: System Development

Every property is unique. We get that. Submeter Solutions will develop a submetering system that is customized for your property. We’ll specifically tailor a system that best fits the specific details of your property layout, current utility mechanical/electrical systems, and your reading and billing options. We take pride in delivering the systems and services that work best for you and your budget.

Step 2: Equipment

Submeter Solutions is a distributor for leading manufacturers of utility grade meters and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems. Equipment will meet all accuracy and regulatory requirements for your project. Equipment will typically be preconfigured at our office prior to shipment.

Step 3: Installation

Meters can be installed by you or your contractor, or we can provide a licensed contractor. The meter reading system will be installed by a certified technician from Submeter Solutions. The system will be fully commissioned by our technicians.

Step 4: Remotely Read Meters

Submeter Solutions will remotely read the meters each month and calculate utility consumption.

Step 5: Calculate Individual Utility Charges

Meter consumption data will be imported into our billing software and individual resident charges will be calculated based on actual utility rates.

Step 6: Bill Your Residents

Utility bills are created and sent directly to the resident via US Mail or email. The property can opt for in-house collections or it can outsource that function to Submeter Solutions.

Step 7: Reporting

Submeter Solutions will send reports to the property management that details consumption totals and utility charges. Information is made available to import into most major property management software.

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