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The Many Benefits of Submetering Utilities in Issaquah

With the housing market in Issaquah, WA at an all-time high, landlords are looking for new ways to lure in high-quality tenants. If you want to make your multi-unit property stand out from the crowd, it’s time to consider installing a submetering system from Submeter Solutions Inc.


Why Submeter?

Traditionally, multi-unit properties charge all tenants the same price for gas, electricity and water. It’s easy to see why this is unfair. Submetering, however, makes it possible to bill each unit separately for their utility usage. A few of the most popular benefits of submetering include:

  • Lower Rent Prices 

Tenants want to live in the best property and at the lowest cost. If the property only receives one bill for utilities, however, this cost is more often than not added to the rental rate. Once you put a submetering system in place, you’ll be able to lower your rent prices, thus making your property more attractive to prospective tenants.

  • Fair Billing

Your tenants don’t want to pay for someone else’s energy usage. If you’re prorating your utility bills among all of your tenants, it’s not fair to those who conserve their usage. With a submetering system, every tenant receives their own bill. They’re able to review their energy usage and make changes to keep their monthly costs lower. Fair billing is a huge selling point to tenants.

  • Energy Conservation

Since your tenants will be responsible for paying for their own energy usage, they’re more likely to use less energy. This conservation has a huge impact on the environment.

  • Increase Property Value

If you ever decide to sell your complex, investors are willing to pay more for properties that already have a submetering system in place.


What Utilities Do We Submeter?

At Submeter Solutions Inc, we offer submeters for all of your major utilities, including: 

  • Gas

Our submeters measure the gas usage for each tenant. We’ll make sure that you have the correct meters installed for your property.

  • Electricity

Keep your rental prices lower by submetering your electric bills. You’ll no longer worry about raising rental prices to keep up with rising electricity rates.

  • Water

Our water submeters are very accurate, and tenants only pay for their own usage. We’ve found that tenants use less water when they can see how much they use each month.


Every month, a new bill is created for each tenant, depending on the submeters you have in place. You can choose to submeter all of your utilities or just one. The more utilities you have submetered, however, the more money you’ll save in the long run.


If you own a smaller complex and think submetering is out of your price range, then you’ll be happy to learn about our NoWire system. This meter reading system is completely wireless and doesn’t involve costly electrical work during installation. It’s ideal for both small and medium-sized multi-unit complexes.


Who Uses Submetering?

Our clients at Submeter Solutions Inc own many different types of complexes, including: 

  • Apartment buildings of all sizes.
  • Mobile home parks and RV parks.
  • Multi-unit office buildings.
  • Townhouses and condominiums.
  • Manufactured homes and micro housing complexes.
  • Retail properties.


If you’re ready to improve your rental properties, then it’s time to consider upgrading to a submetered system. At Submeter Solutions Inc, we can help you choose the right submeter products for your property. With so many benefits of submetering, what are you waiting for?