Installation & Maintenance

Installation of Metering SystemInstallation of Metering System

Whether your project is new construction or retrofit, Marina or Manufacturing Housing Community, small Triplex or Highrise, Submeter Solutions will partner with you to ensure that the installation of your new metering system is performed properly.  Meters should be installed by a qualified and licensed plumbing or electricial contractor.  We’ll work with your contractor or suggest one to use.   Typically, wireless remote reading systems will be installed by our trained and certified technicians at the property. 

 Project Management

Submeter Solutions assigns a project manager to every new installation.  Our manager will coordinate with the client and the contractors at each phase of the installation process. 

 Commissioning Services

After installation, a Submeter Solutions technician will fully test and commission the new metering system to insure that meters are operating properly and all remote reading equipment is accurately reporting meter data. 

 New Construction Details

For New Construction water submetering,we offer the following supply and installation services divided into three phases:

 Phase 1 – Supply of Couplings and Flow Tubes for Rough in Plumbing.

Submeter Solutions will initially supply the water meter couplings (unions) and specially designed meter flow tubes (jumpers). These components will be installed at the meter locations by the project plumbing contractor.

 Phase 2 – Supply of Meters and Transmitters.

Submeter Solutions will preconfigure the equipment, including wiring meters to transmitters, labeling transmitters, and strapping transmitters to meter bodies prior to delivery.  The installation can then be done by the local licensed plumber of your choosing.

 Phase 3 – Installation of Repeaters, Receiver and Remote Data Logger.

The second phase includes the system set up and supply of the wireless meter reading system equipment. A certified installer from Submeter Solutions will travel to the site to install and commission the wireless submetering equipment. We will also fully test and commission the system to insure that it is installed properly and accurately reporting meter data.

 Manufactured Housing Communities

Depending on the details of the water lines, we will determine if a new water Submeter can be installed under the home or outside in a meter pit.  When installed under the home, the water meter will be provided to the plumber in an insulation kit t o inhibit freezing.   We’ll train the installing plumber on all details of installing the meter and transmitter. 

 Small Property – NoWire Installation

Our NoWire wireless meter reading system for properties with 32 or less meter points is designed to be simple to install.  We’ll configure meters and transmitters and label them with the unit number prior to shipping.    The plumber or electrician simply has to install the meter since the wireless transmitter has already been “wrapped and strapped” to the meter.  The NoWire display unit simply needs to be mounted on the wall and plugged in. 

For most projects, a technician does NOT need to visit the property to install a metering system using NoWire.