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Gas Meters

A common practice when it comes to multi-tenant properties; whether it be different apartments or a commercial property with several businesses in operation; is to split the monthly gas bill evenly between each tenant. Unfortunately, this practice is often unfair and extremely inaccurate considering the amount of gas usage may be very different from tenant to tenant. To find a solution to this problem, gas submetering entered into the picture. It is now the solution of choice for owners and property managers across the country.

In short, gas submetering makes it possible to accurately bill each individual tenant for their own gas usage, as opposed to splitting the cost equally. The good news is that it is relevantly easy to start a gas submetering project. All you need is a system that includes the appropriate gas meters for your application, as well as a wired or wireless Automated Meter Reading system that fits in with the unique needs of your property and those who occupy it. You can learn more about how it all works here.  

Aside from happier tenants, there are many advantages when it comes to opting for gas submetering solutions. Because you will be able to provide each tenant with an accurate reading of their monthly gas usage, the chances are quite high that they will take action to use gas more sparingly to save money. This reduces gas costs and, in turn, increases property values – which is excellent news for you! For more information about the benefits associated with submetering, click here.



Another advantage is the fact that gas submetering can be implemented in several different multi-unit applications, including:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Commercial
  • Offices
  • Retail Properties


How can Submeter Solutions help you?

At Submeter Solutions, not only do we have many years of experience within the industry, but we have also made certain that we can provide you with some of the country’s finest gas meters at the lowest possible prices. Our team of experts have been trained to recommend the right metering equipment in line with your individual needs, expectations and budget constraints.

Another plus to keep in mind is that once your new gas meters and AMR system have been installed, Submeter Solutions can provide monthly utility billing services for your property:

  • Meter consumption will be monitored remotely;
  • Individual bills will be calculated and prepared for each tenant;
  • Bills will be mailed or emailed at a specific time each month;
  • Summary reports will be provided to the property owner/manager.

You can learn more about our comprehensive range of monthly Billing Services here.


Gas Meter Details

Submeter Solutions sells a wide variety of gas meters to fit many applications. It’s important to select the correct meter type for your specific requirements.  

Some information to consider:

  •  Sizes range from compact gas meters designed for apartments and condos with a capacity of 200 CFH up to large industrial size 8” Turbine meters;
  • Gas meters offered from industry’s largest manufacturers to utility grade specifications;
  • All meters are typically equipped with pulse output which can be paired with wired or wireless Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems;
  • Most models can be equipped with live temperature correction;
  • Easy to read odometer style counters on most meter models;
  • Expert gas sizing from our staff.


Need a little help? 

Give us your capacity requirement, pipe size, inlet pressure and other details – we will recommend the best meter for your application. 

Each meter listed on our web store will link to an individual page for that model with pictures, descriptions, specifications, and the price. So, you can find a gas meter that fits in with your unique submetering project, whatever your requirements are. You can order our products online or call our office if you have any questions about finding the “best fit” meter for your submetering project. Contact us here.