Gas Meters

Gas Meters for measuring Natural Gas or Propane (LPG) usage.      Need help sizing your gas meter?  Call us at 425-228-6831.
Meters may be purchased with a Pulser option for remote metering.
We recommend purchasing the Temperature Correction option always for propane or if you are installing your gas meter outdoors.  See how temperature affects gas volume below.

Pressure: Click for Pressure Factor Calculator
Gas volume changes with pressure. The pressure of gas going into the meter and the atmospheric pressure affect the meter reading. You may calculate the pressure factor by clicking on the link above.  If your meter is not corrected for pressure then you  may multiply the meter reading by this factor to get the corrected gas meter reading.

Gas volume changes with temperature.  The meters are calibrated for a gas temperature of 60°F. A rule of thumb is gas temperature 25° higher or lower than 60°F will cause a 5% increase or decrease in volume respectively thus affecting your meter reading by 5%. Purchasing the Temperature Correction option will correct the meter reading for temperature.

Miscellaneous Gas Information: 

• A 250 CFH meter will support 250,000 BTU of gas or propane.
• 1000 BTU (natural gas)  = approx 1 cubic foot (CF)
• 100 cubic feet = 1 CCF (typically the meter units on your bill)
• 100 cubic feet (natural gas) = approx 1 THERM (typically the billing units on your bill)

• 1000 BTU/Hr = 1 MBH = 1 CFH
• 1 cubic foot = 0.0283 cubic meters. Multiply CF reading by 0.0283 to get cubic meters
• 1 gallon propane = 35.97 cubic feet
• Higher inlet pressures allow for more volume thru some meters. See tables in detailed meter information