Collins On Pine Apartments, Seattle, WA


Project Goals

One main utility water meter and natural gas meter supply the utilities to the building. The customer wanted to bill back the water, sewer, and gas utility costs to each tenant based on how much they individually consume. The request was for a remotely accessible, wireless sub-metering system to meter the water and gas usage for each apartment and first floor retail spaces.



Solution Provided

  • Inovonics Tapwatch 3 remote wireless reading system with Ethernet connection
  • 76, ¾” polymer water meters with wireless transmitters
  • 76, 200,000 BTU small gas meters with wireless transmitters
  • Onsite consultation, installation, meter installation training, and commissioning services
  • Monthly meter reading and tenant billing services
  • Accomplished full tenant water, sewer, and gas utility recovery


  • Equipment supplied April 2013
  • Installation and commissioning complete November 2013


  • The Metropolitan Group