2019 MHCW Convention Welcomes Submeter Solutions

submeterThis year’s MHCW convention will be hosted on May 21-22, 2019. Submeter Solutions is excited to be represented by Kelly Koontz, who has been a part of the company since 2010. He will present a broad range of topics for a panel on water-related issues. Koontz has extensive knowledge of water leak detection, multi-unit utility billing, and submetering.

The MHCW, which stands for Manufactured Housing Communities of Washington, is dedicated to bringing awareness to affordable housing throughout the state. It’s their goal to create a successful manufactured housing market by working with both owners and managers of local manufactured housing communities. Through outreach, education, and government relations, the organization has helped improve housing conditions for both landlords and tenants throughout the state.

Kelly Koontz brought a world of knowledge and expertise with him when he joined Submeter Solutions in 2010. With a background in management, he has worked with companies in both the aerospace and PCD industries. Shortly after Koontz’s arrival, Submeter Solutions introduced monthly billing services and remote billing remote meter reading systems.

Annual Convention

The annual MHCW convention is hosting a water discussion panel, which is designed to educate landlords and property owners about different issues they may face. Kelly Koontz is ready to explain all the advantages of utilizing a submetering system in a manufactured home community. Submetering not only makes it easier for landlords to track utility usage and collect payment, but it also makes tenants more responsible for their own usage.

Koontz will also discuss in detail other water-related issues that landlords of manufactured housing communities often face. The goal is to educate landlords on better solutions for their own water billing and usage systems. For example, water leaks often go unnoticed; however, when a submetering system is put in place, tenants can quickly see if their readings are higher than normal. Catching water leaks early saves both the tenant and the landlord money.

About Submeter Solutions

Submeter Solutions hopes to make a positive impact on those in attendance. Individual water meters for each unit are beneficial to all manufactured home property managers. In addition to water meters, Submeter Solutions also offers gas and electric meters, as well as billing services for multi-unit property owners throughout the area.

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