Submetering Services in Bellingham, WA

Submeter Solutions provides comprehensive utility cost recovery programs for multi-unit properties. This includes electric, gas and water. We can deliver a full solution including system design, equipment, installation and billing services. At every stage of the process we deliver unsurpassed customer service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

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Lakeway Mobile Estates - Bellingham, WA




Lakeway Mobile Estates is a 55+ community located in Bellingham, WA that is managed by Inspire Communities. The community has 218 homes and is located one mile from the ocean and 20 miles from the mountains and Canadian border.




Project Goals

Lakeway contacted Submeter Solutions late in 2016 requesting a proposal for a water submetering system that would allow the property to directly bill residents for water and sewer based on their actual water usage. They also requested a system that would provide leak alerts for management. In addition to the metering equipment, Submeter Solutions also coordinated with a local plumbing contractor to install the meters under homes. It was important to Lakeway that the meter reading system would interface with their Manage America property management software. 

Solution Provided

  • Submeter Solutions provided Lakeway with ¾” Master Meter Flexible Axis Meter (FAM) water meters that they custom equipped with a foam insulation kit.
  • Submeter Solutions selected a Cereniti high power wireless remote meter reading system. The system consists of a battery powered (10 year) transmitter under the home and a gateway with cellular upload installed in the office.
  • Local Plumber installed meters under homes on the existing water lines.
  • Submeter Solutions commissioned the system and provided training on system reports.
  • Lakeway’s manager Patty Dombo worked closely with Submeter Solutions and the Plumber as meters were installed at each unit.