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Why Multi-Unit Properties in Auburn Should Make the Switch to Submeters

Anyone who is a landlord in Auburn knows that utilities play a huge role in pricing units for tenants. Those who want to rent are always looking for the lowest price for the best property. At Submeter Solutions, we install and manage submeters for all types of multi-unit properties across the city. There are countless reasons why you should make the switch to submeters.


Keep Rent Prices Low

If a property manager only gets one utility bill for the entire complex, they must either divide the bill evenly between all of their tenants, or increase rent to pay for utilities. However, neither of these options is appealing to renters.

When the landlord divides up the bill, tenants who use less still have to pay an equal amount as those who use more. This isn’t fair. Increasing rent doesn’t always work either, as utility bills fluctuate based on current rates and usage.

Submeters, however, make the playing field fair for everyone. At Submeter Solutions, we can install a wide variety of meters, including:

  • Gas Meters
  • Our gas meters are highly accurate, and we create invoices for each unit on a monthly basis. Tenants know how much they’ve used and are easily able to pay their own bill.
  • Electric Meters 
  • Electric bills vary greatly month to month, and electric companies change their rates frequently. Instead of hiking rent prices to cover electricity, our electric submeters measure electricity usage per unit.
  • Water Meters 
  • Water bills are easy to manage with submeters. We’ve also noticed that tenants who pay for water via a submetered system are more likely to be more conservative in their usage. This is good, both for their wallet and the environment.


NoWire Makes Submetering Accessible to All

Many property owners put off switching to a submetered system because they think it will be out of their budget. At Submeter Solutions, we are proud to offer the NoWire wireless submeter system. There are several benefits to this form of submetering.

  • Easy to Install 
  • With the NoWire system, your submeters can be installed very quickly by our professionals. The NoWire meters are simply attached to the meter pulse wires.
  • Cost Efficient
  • Since the NoWire system doesn’t involve installing electrical wires to meters, they don’t cost as much to set up. This makes them ideal for smaller multi-unit complexes that don’t have a huge budget for improvements.
  • Easy to Maintain
  • All of the data gathered from the NoWire system is easily downloaded to a .csv file. Residents can thus pay their bills quickly and monitor their personal usage.


Our submeters make managing a multi-unit complex easier. You’ll find our submeters in use in a variety of housing complexes throughout the area, including:

  • Apartment buildings of all sizes.
  • Mobile home parks.
  • Condos and townhomes.
  • Micro-housing.
  • Commercial properties, such as office buildings and retail shops.


When it is time to attract new tenants to your complex in Auburn, we can help. With our submeters, you’ll be able to keep your rent prices competitive, while creating a fair environment for your tenants. Contact Submeter Solutions to learn how our submeters will change the way you handle utility bills in your complex.